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Rolls-Royce Electric Car In the Works
Traditionally, Rolls-Royce owners drive comparatively few miles, which make them good candidates for some form of electric drive, possibly an electric hybrid system. - 17-Jan-2011

Electric-powered Global Observer Makes Maiden Flight
The hybrid-electric aircraft flew for the first time under battery power and will ultimately carry a liquid hydrogen-fueled propulsion system - 17-Jan-2011

Welcome to Your Future Battery-Powered Life
Earth911 managing editor Amanda Wills survey of how our homes and cars will be increasingly dependent on battery technology. - 17-Jan-2011

Azure Dynamics Announces Record Order for Hybrid Delivery Vans
Canadian parcel delivery firm, Purolator places order for 600 vehicles over next three years. - 17-Jan-2011

Peugeot 508 Includes Hybrid Technologies
French carmaker continues strategy of implementing mild-hybridization. - 17-Jan-2011

Ford Focus Electric Bows at 2011 Detroit Auto Show
Ford is aiming to have the competitor to the Nissan LEAF in showrooms by 2013. - 18-Jan-2011

Chevy Volt: Ready for Winter?
Benjamin Hunting finds Volt electric hybrid offers 'fully winterized' driving experience. - 18-Jan-2011

Tesla Roadster 'Models' for Berlin Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week’s 'Green Avantgarde' showcases some of the world’s most exciting and environmentally friendly designers. - 18-Jan-2011

Consumers Want Electric Cars Connected
Research group finds consumers interested in buying electric cars are also want them to offer Internet connected features. - 18-Jan-2011

Nissan Delivers Just 60 LEAF Electric Cars In Japan
Nissan attributes slow pace to the need for careful work in the manufacturing process. - 18-Jan-2011