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Denso: Time Now Ripe for Start-Stop Technology
Micro-hybrid systems that automatically start and stop IC engine, preventing wasted fuel while idling could have Americans 3 billion gallons of fuel. - 17-Jan-2011

Toyota Aims for $50K Fuel Cell Sedan by 2015
The carmaker has cut the cost to make hydrogen models to less than $100,000 and aims to halve that price by the time sales begin. - 17-Jan-2011

China Aiming for 10M EV Parking Spots Before 2020
China-base carmaker BAIC expects EVs to make up about 5 percent of its own market by 2020, an estimate considered conservative by many analysts. - 17-Jan-2011

Masdar, Mitsubishi Announce EV Collaboration
In the first three months of the one year pilot, Masdar will deploy a fleet of 10 Mitsubishi Motor's i-MiEV new-generation electric vehicle. - 17-Jan-2011

Renault Fires Executives Accused of Selling Electric Car Secrets
Three men were top officials in company’s electric car program. - 17-Jan-2011

Enterprise Won't Charge for Depleted Battery in Electric Car Return
Fuel surcharges will not be applied to rented Volts battery pack if not returned fully charged. - 17-Jan-2011

Australia Charging Into Electric Car Future
Electric car options include locally-converted Blade, as well as small numbers of Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and a Chinese-produced Lujo. - 17-Jan-2011

GM to Build 25,000 Chevrolet Volts in 2011
GM originally planned to produce 10,000 Volts. - 17-Jan-2011

Think EV Executive Resigns
Richard Canny saw the company rescued from collapse, shifting production to Valmet Automotive, among other accomplishments. - 17-Jan-2011

CMU Study Reviews Impact of Different Hybrid Car Types
Carnegie Mellon student newspaper cites EV World interview with Jeremy Michalek. - 17-Jan-2011