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Tesla Versus the BBC
In impromptu race to Edinburgh, Tesla Roadster beats BMW Mini-E electric car. - 17-Jan-2011

GM Powertrain Chief Looking Beyond the Volt
Jamie Hresko discusses powertrain plans that include hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles from perspective of Lansing, Michigan. - 17-Jan-2011

China's BYD Introduces Electrified Models in Detroit, But No Firm Launch Dates
Models shown at 2011 Detroit Auto Show include F3DM, E6 and new S6DM with electric-first range of 38 miles. - 17-Jan-2011

Coda Charges Ahead with Electric Car Plan
Marc Gunther explores the continuing efforts of California company to bring its electric car to the market. - 17-Jan-2011

Kia Explores Electric Hybrids with Ray Concept Car
Company states the car will have an electric-first range of 80km (50mi). - 17-Jan-2011

Ford Forecasting Strong Hybrid, Electric Car Sales By 2020
Company plans for 2 to 5 percents sales by 2015, climbing to 10 to 25 percent by 2020. - 17-Jan-2011

Prospective Buyers In Texas Get Chance to Try Out Nissan LEAF Electric Car
Nissan's 22-city tour stops in Texas, where the company has some 500-plus orders. - 17-Jan-2011

Sprint Partners with ECOtality on National EV Charging Network
The partnership will make stations searchable on GPS and will enable billing services and the ability to track data on charging habits. - 17-Jan-2011

California Looks for Ways to Moderate EV Charging Costs
Despite Purdue report, state is working on special electric car charging rates to encourage off-peak hours. - 17-Jan-2011

Volt: An Electric Car with a Backup Plan
Ann Job gives her impressions of the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. - 17-Jan-2011