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Why Transportation Electrification Matters
MIT Energy Initiative reports on findings of symposium exploring the issues and opportunities. - 17-Jan-2011

Japanese Coalition Aims for Fuel Cell Vehicle Introduction by 2015
Hydrogen fuel suppliers are aiming to construct approximately 100 hydrogen fueling stations by 2015. - 17-Jan-2011

Mitsubishi Sells iMiEV Electric Car in Japanese Appliance Store Chain
Mitsubishi recently partnered with appliance store Yamada Denki to sell its i-MiEV electric car. - 17-Jan-2011

Toyota Looking to Develop Rare Earth-Free Electric Motors
Rare-earth minerals such as neodymium and dysprosium are used in motor magnets that power hybrids and electric cars. - 17-Jan-2011

Detroit Carmakers Face Electric Car Challenges
BBC business report Jorn Madslien talks with key auto industry executives during recent Detroit Auto Show. - 17-Jan-2011

GM Plans More TV Sponsorship Spending in 2011
GM's spending on sponsorship deals could include a reality television show that would feature Chevy Volt electric hybrid. - 17-Jan-2011

Industrial Espionage with Lithium Implications
Renault executives involved in possible leak of sensitive battery technology to 'organized international network.' - 17-Jan-2011

Venturi Puts French Flair in Electric Cars
Jim Motavali reports on Venturi Automobiles' debut at 2011 Detroit Auto Show. - 17-Jan-2011

ABB Invests $10M in Electric Car Charging Station Developer
US-based ECOtality, Inc. produces a full range of systems for charging electric vehicles parked at the home or office. - 17-Jan-2011

Electric Cars: A Win for Auto Industry and Electric Utilities
Reid Smith offers his analysis of recent rollout of electric vehicles at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. - 17-Jan-2011