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Chevy's Volt Is a 'Jolt'
Andrew Edwards surveys arrival of GM's new electric hybrid car in Southern California's 'Inland Empire' - 03-Jan-2011

Russian Public to Get First Look at Yo Hybrid Cars
Estimated fuel consumption is 3.5 liters per kilometer (67 mpg) with range of 400 km. - 03-Jan-2011

Transportation Electrification Will Be Long-term Process
Deutsche Bank expects transportation electrification to be slow while petrol demand remains greater in the near term. - 03-Jan-2011

China Set to Implement Plan for New Energy Vehicle Industry
Plan includes development of hybrid,fuel cell, and electric vehicles. - 03-Jan-2011

Even Low Electric Car Sales Estimates May be Optimistic
Joel West wonders who'll buy electric cars after the early adopter market is satisfied. - 03-Jan-2011

This Time Electric Car Market Will Grow
As the cost of oil keeps increasing, the electric car market seems set to continue its growth. - 03-Jan-2011

Baran Group to Build Better Place Battery Switch Stations in Israel
The estimated cost of each of the 51 battery replacement stations is $1 million. - 03-Jan-2011

Electric Cars Aren't Enough
Gen. Wesley Clark and Roger Kemp argue that we'll need a range of energy and technology options to end America's foreign oil dependence. - 03-Jan-2011

Hypermiler Drives Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Across America
Wayne Gerdes achieves average of 59.58 mpg over 2,269.3 miles. - 03-Jan-2011

Will New California Governor Offer 1M Electric Car Plan?
David Downey speculates that incoming Gov. Jerry Brown may follow-up 1M solar roof plan with electric car version. - 03-Jan-2011