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Vectrix Introduces VX-2 Electric Motor Scooter
The Vectrix VX-2 is capable of speeds up to 30 mph and has a range of 40 to 55 mile. - 14-Jan-2011

Promise to Convert White House Vehicle Fleet to Plug-Ins Still Unkept
Presidential campaign pledge now more than one year past its self-imposed deadline. - 14-Jan-2011

Venturi Seeks to Create Big Electric Car Buzz
Venturi hopes to ramp up to produce larger numbers of electric vehicles with industry partners it will announce throughout the year. - 14-Jan-2011

Chevy Volt: An Electric Car with Backup
Associated Press reporter Ann Job shares her impressions of the Chevy Volt electric hybrid. - 14-Jan-2011

Venturi Automobiles to Make Ohio State University Its N. American Home
Monaco-based firm will establish offices and manufacturing space in Columbus, Ohio for the newly formed Venturi North America. - 14-Jan-2011

Los Angeles Retires Last of Diesel Buses
MTA now operates nearly 2,300 alternative clean fueled buses, including one all-electric and six hybrids. - 14-Jan-2011

Can Electric Cars Save Detroit?
Despite the buzz at the Detroit auto show, sales of hybrids have been declining, which doesn't bode will for electric cars, argues John Wood. - 14-Jan-2011

BBC Reporter Gets Beat By Tesla Roadster
Incensed by BBC's reporting, British EV fan David Peilow borrows a Roadster, arrives in Edinburgh ahead of Mini-E. - 14-Jan-2011

AMP Delivers First Electric Equinox to Ohio Utility
The converted Chevy Equinox SUV features a lithium battery system, powered by two rear mounted Remy traction motors, and has range of approximately 100 miles per charge. - 14-Jan-2011

California Utility Rates Could Stall Electric Car Adoption
The state's tiered rate system means California households pay 35% more than the national average. - 17-Jan-2011