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Electric Car Purchase Brings New Set of Concerns for Buyers
Concerns of range, price and obsolescence surround the nation's first affordable, all-electric vehicle. - 03-Jan-2011

Creating Nissan LEAF Sounds Required Lots of 'Feedback'
Nissan engineers, outside audio experts and even Hollywood contributed to creating the sounds of Nissan's all-electric car. - 03-Jan-2011

BBC Airing 8-Part Series on Racing Green Alaska-to-Argentina Adventure
16,000 mile trip down the Pan America highway in an electric car took 136 days. - 03-Jan-2011

UK Launches Electric Car Grant Program
£5,000 car grant takes effect on January 1, 2011 and applies to ten different vehicles from the smartED to the Chevy Volt. - 03-Jan-2011

What Does MPGe Mean on New Electric Car Mileage Labels?
Electric Car Association's Stan Hanel introduces Las Vegas readers to concepts behind the EPA's new fuel economy rating system. - 03-Jan-2011

Plentiful US Zinc Reserves Could Replace Lithium
Approximately 35% of the world's supply, or 1.8 giga-tons of zinc reserves are in the United States. - 03-Jan-2011

Azure Dynamics: Breakout Year for Electric Vehicles
Time magazine profiles electric vehicle drive developer - 03-Jan-2011

NREL Helping Delivery Cos. Switch to Hybrids
Federally funded lab in Golden, Colorado evaluating performance of heavy-duty hybrids. - 03-Jan-2011

Nissan LEAF and That Unwanted Christmas Jumper
Manchester Guardian's Adam Vaughan cheekily suggests that if you want to avoid winter range anxiety in an electric car, wear a sweater. - 03-Jan-2011

HaloIPT: Charge Electric Cars Without Plugging In
Simply park over a HaloIPT induction pad, which looks a bit like a rubber mat, and begin charging. - 03-Jan-2011