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Charged Up About Plug-in Prius
Florida couple discover they can drive further on less fuel, achieving as high as 900 miles on a tank of gasoline. - 12-Jan-2010

Electric Cars As the Ultimate Driving Distraction
Auto Channel executive VP Marc J. Rauch sees all the talk about electric cars as distracting to the national discourse as in-car information systems. - 12-Jan-2010

VW Takes Wraps Off New Hybrid Concept Car
The New Compact Coupe presages a new VW model that will be built in Mexico for sale in North America; an option being a new hybrid drive system. - 12-Jan-2010

Chinese Researchers Develop Artificial Leaf to Produce Hydrogen
The artificial leaves absorbed more than twice as much light, and gave off more than three times as much hydrogen. - 12-Jan-2010

2010: The Year of Electric Mobility
Mercedes Benz adds the A-Class E-CELL to its roster of electric-drive vehicles for 2010. - 12-Jan-2010

Youngsters Are Car-Shy? Peugeot Says "Mu", not "Duh"
Peugeot expands its innovative "mobility service" to numerous metropolises - 12-Jan-2010

Honda Introduces CR-Z Hybrid Two-Seater
The Honda CR-Z is slated to go on sale the summer of 2010 with an estimated fuel economy of 36 city/38 highway miles per gallon in the CVT model. - 12-Jan-2010

Ford to Invest US$450M in Electric Car Programs
Both the next generation hybrid and the plug-in hybrid vehicles will be produced at its Wayne Michigan Assembly Plant. - 12-Jan-2010

Fuel Cell Light Aircraft Prepares for Flight Tests
The aircraft has an entirely electric 40 kW propeller: power is supplied to the propeller through 20 kW hydrogen gas fuel cells. - 12-Jan-2010

Toyota Continues Push Towards Fuel Cell Future
100 Toyota FCHV advanced vehicles will be placed in nationwide demonstration program over the next three years. - 12-Jan-2010