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Japanese Develop Printable Lithium Polymer Batteries
Process used sheet-fed printing, but roll-to-roll printing seen feasible allow for lower costs. - 10-Jan-2010

Not All Sustainable Transportation Subsidies Should Be Created Equal
Energy Policy article urges crafting incentives on communities where plug-in hybrids and electric cars create the strongest social benefit. - 10-Jan-2010

Sanyo Brings the Electric Bike to America
Until now, Eneloop "pedal-assist" bicycles have only been available in Japan. - 10-Jan-2010

Jaguar Land Rover Gets £1M for Electric Car Development
The JLR funding is part of a £12 million grant announced to help firms develop low carbon cars. - 10-Jan-2010

Nissan Pins Its Hopes in Electric Car Revolution
The biggest stumbling block may be out of Ghosn's control: the price of gasoline, which Carlos Ghosn sees possibly tripling in the coming decade. - 10-Jan-2010

Chicago Trader Promotes Tesla and Funds Chris Paine's New Flick
Securities trader Stefano Durdic and other Chicago-area Tesla owners helping spread the word on electric cars. - 10-Jan-2010

Toyota Introduces FT-CH Hybrid Concept Car
Compact Hybrid will extend Toyota's family of hybrid-electric drive vehicles, though no indication has yet been given as to its powertrain, presumably a version of the company's Hybrid Synergy Drive. - 12-Jan-2010

Lutz: GM Plans Electric Version of Chevy Volt
Official GM press release and AP report quoting Bob Lutz. - 11-Jan-2010

Fiat 500 Electric Car? No Comment
Officially -- for the moment -- Chrysler has no comment on the future of Fiat 500 EV it is displaying at the 22nd NAIAS. - 11-Jan-2010

China's New Revolution: High-Speed Rail Service
High-speed rail is seen as a clean way to boost the expansion of China's transportation system. - 12-Jan-2010