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UK Considers Granting Segways Road and Cycle Path Access
It is currently illegal in Britain to use the Segway PT anywhere other than on private property. - 08-Jan-2010

Who Will Be Able to Afford Electric Cars?
Justin Hyde apparently doesn't believe GM's claim that the Volt battery pack costs $8,000 today. - 08-Jan-2010

Hyundai to Show Off Its First Plug-in Hybrid in Detroit
Blue-Will uses parallel hybrid drive and offers up to 40 miles electric-first range. - 08-Jan-2010

Hydrogen Hi-Speed Rail Super Highway Feasibility to be Studied in Indonesia
357 km-long project would cost estimated US$3 billion and involves consortium of 15 US and Indonesian firms. - 08-Jan-2010

Toyota Prius Is Best Selling Car for 2009 in Japan
The Prius sold 208,876 units in 2009, a 285.7 percent increase on sales in 2008. - 08-Jan-2010

Beyond Petroleum: The Future of Flying
While the jetliners of the second half of the next century may not be solar-powered, they could be hydrogen-fueled, suggest Departure 2093. - 09-Jan-2010

Is Indonesia About to Make a Costly High-Speed Rail Blunder?
The technology is untested and some of the investors are alleged scam artists, writes Yonah Freemark. - 09-Jan-2010

Cents Per Mile: Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Takes Streets Massachusetts
Michael Connelly and Judeth VanHamm are spending only a penny per mile to get around. - 09-Jan-2010

Smithsonian Design Exhibition Has Green Tech Theme
Cooper-Hewitt exhibition entitled, 'Why Design Now?' will include MIT's CityCar, Coulomb ChargePoint chargers and more. - 09-Jan-2010

Small Is Now Big in Detroit
This year's Nother American International Auto Show includes a display the size of two hockey rinks called Electric Avenue. - 09-Jan-2010