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Riversimple Open Source Fuel Cell Car Takes Next Step
UK effort published its first engineering drawings online. - 07-Jan-2010

Hybrid Technology Priority One for Automakers, Survey Finds
In ranking importance of alternative fuel technologies over next five years, biodiesel ranked last in KPMG survey. - 07-Jan-2010

EPA Unveils Stricter Smog Standards
The new limits would likely put hundreds more U.S. counties in violation of clean air standards. - 07-Jan-2010

Alternative Energy Expo Is First of Its Kind in Maryland Region
The event will take place both indoors and outdoors on Mother’s Day Weekend, May 7 to 9, 2010. - 07-Jan-2010

Polaris Defense Enters Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Arena
The off-road EV LSV has a range of 50 miles and is based on the Polaris Ranger vehicle. - 08-Jan-2010

Telsa, Panasonic Team Up on Next Generation Batteries
Tesla has delivered more than 900 electric cars to customers in North America and Europe. - 08-Jan-2010

BCG Study Challenges Battery Cost Projections
$250 per kWh costs unlikely to be achieved unless there is a major breakthrough in battery chemistry, Boston Consulting Group contends. - 08-Jan-2010

GM Begins Production of Volt Battery Packs
Official General Motors press release on production of first Volt electric vehicle battery pack. - 08-Jan-2010

U.S. Army Hybrid-Electric Recon Vehicles Join Detroit Auto Show
Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center will exhibit examples of its advanced electric-drive vehicles at 2010 Detroit auto show. - 08-Jan-2010

Magna Takes Stake in Lithium Americas Corp.
Canadian vehicle components maker $10.5 stake to secure a reliable supply of the metal used to make electric car batteries. - 08-Jan-2010