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Maruti Suzuki Introduces SX4 Hybrid at 2010 Auto Expo
The Hybrid SX4 will be a full-hybrid vehicle, with ten vehicles to be part of fleet demonstration during Commonwealth Games in October 2010. - 06-Jan-2010

Coda Raises $25M for Electric Sedan
Coda has said the car will sell for about $45,000, before a federal tax rebate. - 07-Jan-2010

GM OnStar Gives Mobile Phone Users Access to Their Volts
Droid, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Storm smartphones users will be able to access data about their Chevy Volts on their mobile phones. - 06-Jan-2010

New Citaro Fuel Cell Bus to Ply Hamburg Streets
The new Citaro fuel-cell bus consumes 50 per cent less hydrogen than previous generation. - 07-Jan-2010

GM Developing Diesel-electric Hybrid Drivetrain
Initial prototypes being developed and tested in Turin, Italy are based on compact four-cylinder diesel engines. - 07-Jan-2010

Indian Commercial Vehicle Builder Debuts Hybus, Seeks Gov't Incentives
Hybus will be the country’s first bus that works on both compressed natural gas and batteries. - 07-Jan-2010

The Fraud That Is Plug-In Hybrids
It is no secret John Petersen isn't a fan of most electric-drive technology, except maybe mild hybrids and lead batteries. - 07-Jan-2010

GM Starts Chevy Volt Battery Pack Production
Each Chevy Volt battery pack will have about 220 cells and cost about $8,000. - 07-Jan-2010

It's Electric! Electric Cars Go on Sale This Year
Basic consumer Q&A about electric cars coming in 2010 and shortly thereafter. - 07-Jan-2010

Hyundai Debuts i10 Electric Car in India
Powered by a highly efficient 49kWh electrical motor and a 16 kWh battery, the i10 Electric uses advanced LiPoly batteries. - 07-Jan-2010