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Houston Preparing to Arrival of Nissan Leaf
Houston's 10 public charging stations have clocked 460kWh of use since being installed in November 2009, a reflection of how few EVs there are in the city. - 08-Feb-2010

Nissan's Electric Car Plant to Cost $200M Less
Original production target of 200,000 batteries and 150,000 electric cars annually remains unchanged. - 08-Feb-2010

Smith Newton Wins US Government Approval
Smith Newton is certified by California and federal GSA. - 10-Feb-2010

Smith Electric Trials Proton Fuel Cell Range-Extender
Adding a small hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender, the vehicles will be able to achieve closer to 200 miles (320km). - 10-Feb-2010

Prius Recall Only a Bump in Road to Electrification
PRTM analyst Oliver Hazimeh doesn't see recent spate of recalls as hurting the move towards vehicle electrification. - 10-Feb-2010

California Bill Would Require 'Buy American' Fleet Policy
Bill takes aim at Toyota for the closing of its NUMMI plant in Fremont, California. - 10-Feb-2010

Former Chrysler Dealership Introduces Small Electric Pickup
Built on Romanian Dacia Logan chassis, Envision Motor Co. claims the pickup has range of 260 miles and cargo capacity of 2,000 lbs. - 10-Feb-2010

New Composite Material Could Store Electric Energy in Car Body
Research shows that material made up of carbon fibres and a polymer resin can store and discharge large amounts of energy much more quickly than conventional batteries. - 10-Feb-2010

Firms to Distribute Tazzari Zero Electric Car in N. America
The sporty, aluminum-bodied Tazzari Zero delivers zero emissions, has a top speed of 25 mph. or higher depending on State regulations. - 10-Feb-2010

Electric Motors Becoming Centerpiece of Carmaker Plans
As the electrification of vehicles advances, engineers are emphasizing the need for motors to display their carmaker’s DNA in the same way a high-revving V-8 does for Ferrari. - 10-Feb-2010