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Nissan Loan Just More Electric Car Insanity
Nissan wins even if Leaf is a flop, writes electric car skeptic John Petersen. - 05-Feb-2010

Peugeot to Launch Ion Electric Car with Cut-Price Rentals
Ion electric car owners will have option to rent IC engine cars at discount when they need vehicle with longer range. - 05-Feb-2010

Will You Buy Your Electric Car From Best Buy?
The future of the EV industry getting their product in front of the consumer could be with the CE retailer, not the Auto dealer. - 05-Feb-2010

Better Place Opens Electric Car Demonstration Center in Israel
Opening of center marked by the signing of 92 corporate fleet owners are Better Place Vision Partners. - 07-Feb-2010

Electric Airplanes Could Transform How We Fly
Still needing resolution is higher energy density batteries, but high efficiency of electric motors compensates some compared to conventional gasoline engines. - 07-Feb-2010

Preparing for Our Electric Car Future
PRTM's Oliver Hazimeh explains how companies can win from the transition to electric vehicles. - 07-Feb-2010

Lear Corp. Sees Growth Opportunities in Electric Vehicles
Company manufactures high and low voltage wiring harnesses and related parts for the Chevy Volt. - 07-Feb-2010

Pentagon QDR Take Climate Change Seriously
Quadrennial Defense Review raises specter of strife induced by climate change and its political and military implications. - 07-Feb-2010

Launch of the Volt True Turning Point for GM
AOL's Reilly Brennan sees the launch of the Volt as a more important milestone that GM's 2009 bankruptcy. - 07-Feb-2010

Indian Carmakers Eyeing Under-Ton Electric Truck Niche
At least three manufacturers are foraying into the battery-run light truck/van market. - 07-Feb-2010