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Plug Power, MGL Co-Develop Lithium GenDrive
Plug Power and MGL will first introduce their electric car products to the Chinese automotive industry. - 05-Feb-2010

Ford, Mercury Hybrids Recalled for Software Fix
Regen braking problem occurs in transition between two braking systems and at no time are drivers without brakes. - 05-Feb-2010

Tin-coated Resin Seen Extending Battery Life 20 Years
New approach keeps the tin inside the battery intact for much longer despite the strain caused by charging and recharging. - 05-Feb-2010

Fisker Consolidates Research, Design Facilities
30 people will be transferred from Michigan to its California facility. - 05-Feb-2010

Rhode Island Group Preparing State for Plug-In Cars
Project Get Ready Rhode Island streamline the permitting process to make electric cars a reality. - 05-Feb-2010

U.S. Federal Budget Would Lift Cap on Advanced Vehicle Purchases
Current $13K cap would be eliminated for purchase of vehicles like the Chevy Volt, expected to cost around $40,000. - 05-Feb-2010

ORNL Develops Cost-Cutting V2G System
The new technology eliminates the separate charging mechanism typically used in PHEVs, - 05-Feb-2010

LG Chem to Supply Batteries to Changan Automobiles
Lithium batteries to be used in hybrid car. - 05-Feb-2010

Utah Bill to Revamp NEV Law Moves Forward
HB238 would strip away costly add-on requirements. - 05-Feb-2010

Is Google A Major Tesla Shareholder?
Ampitheatre LLC is invested in zepplin company and Tesla Motors. - 05-Feb-2010