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Obama Administration Official Tours Bright Automotive
Teno Villarreal is a special assistant for the Office of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers. - 04-Feb-2010

Toyota PHV Priuses Sent to Norway for 3-Year Field Trials
The city of Oslo and trade group Energy Norway will run the test program jointly. - 04-Feb-2010

Electric Field Could Improve Hydrogen Storage Capacity
Team from Virginia Commonwealth University and Peking University collaborate on new theoretical model. - 04-Feb-2010

Revisiting the Electric Car in Light of Peak Oil Crisis
Editor of Peak Oil Review concludes that the quicker we build the necessary recharging infrastructure and start getting ourselves into electric vehicles, the better our future prospects. - 04-Feb-2010

Coulomb, Better Place Working to Resolve Electric Car Catch-22
Coulomb announced $14 million in second-round funding while Better Place secured $350 million. - 04-Feb-2010

Axeon to Provide Lithium Batteries for Citroen C1 EV'ie
230Wh/kg battery pack will give C1 range of more than 60 miles per charge. - 04-Feb-2010

It's Time to Upgrade to Electricity 2.0
Electricity 2.0 includes distributed storage, wireless charging, low voltage, DC line in homes. - 04-Feb-2010

Toyota’s Chief Steps Forward to Apologize for Problems
Quality problems include floor mates, stuck accelerators and anti-lock brakes, involve the recall of some 9 million vehicles. - 05-Feb-2010

America's Thirst for Gasoline Slackens, Never to Return
Three underlying trends mean the United States might never use as much gas again - 05-Feb-2010

Fuel Efficient Cars Impacting State's Tax Revenues
Washington state's Joint Transportation Committee report forecasts a $3.8 billion revenue shortfall by the year 2025 because of declining gasoline tax receipts. - 05-Feb-2010