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Let There Be Light: White House Budget Delivers on Energy
Budget includes funds to push out new battery manufacturing for 500,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles a year by 2015. - 04-Feb-2010

Union of Concerned Scientists Question Value of Hybrid Add-Ons
Option packages and other 'forced' features increase the base price of many vehicles, group contends, lengthening payback period. - 04-Feb-2010

Argonne Researchers Hope Obama Budget Will Jumpstart Lithium-Air Battery
The lithium-air battery, with a projected range of 400-500 miles in cars, may eliminate the need for gasoline altogether. - 04-Feb-2010

Tesla Roadster Sport Redeems the Electric Car
Guardian test drives the Roadster through London and documents it with video, concluding the car both quick and practical. - 04-Feb-2010

Smith, Proton JV to Boost Range of Light Electric Trucks
Proton fuel cell range extender would increase electric driving distance from 100-180+ miles. - 04-Feb-2010

CR-Z: Honda's New 'Green' Pocket Rocket
Lacking a 'wow' car, Honda hopes the hybrid CR-Z burnishes its environmental credentials. - 04-Feb-2010

China Rushing to Complete First 'Green' World Expo
Better City, Better Life to feature solar power, recycled rainwater, hybrid engine buses, with organisers expecting up to 100 million visitors - 04-Feb-2010

China's 2009 E-Bicycle Production Estimated at 20M Units
China produces 90 pct of all electric-assist bicycles and mopeds in the world. - 04-Feb-2010

Electric Vehicles: Second Time Lucky
Dr Peter Harrop releases new industry report, Electric Vehicles 2010-2020. - 04-Feb-2010

Armada of Lawsuits Sails Against Toyota
Multiple recalls for accelerator problems precipitating individual and class action lawsuits. - 04-Feb-2010