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Green Car Rip-Offs
Break even for basic hybrid power train seen as 3 years at $3 gasoline, but carmakers are adding costly options, says Union of Concerned Scientists. - 02-Feb-2010

GSA Selects Enova Ze Walk-In Electric Step Van
The Enova Ze is powered by Enova’s 120kW all-electric drive system. - 02-Feb-2010

Quantum Gets Nod for Electric Postal Vehicle Demonstrator
Quantum was competitively selected, along with 4 other companies, for participation in a 1 year demonstration. - 02-Feb-2010

Eaton Gets $2M for Military Hybrid Development
Funds will be used to develop advanced digital hydraulic hybrid drive systems for Army 4x4 vehicles. - 02-Feb-2010

The Great Electric Car Race of 2010
Santa Rosa Nissan dealer already has list of 30 names for potential LEAF buyes. - 02-Feb-2010

T3 Deploys 5,000 Hot-Swappable Lithium Battery Packs
T3 Series ESV is a daily tool for public safety, government, and security applications for over 500 agencies. - 02-Feb-2010

Is Hydrogen Economy Driven By Fantasy?
Dr. Benjamin K. Sovacool identifies what he considers five fantasy theme repeated in the wish for a hydrogen economy. - 02-Feb-2010

Battery Cost Projections Called 'Nuts'!
EPRI's Mark Duvall argues that NRC and Boston Group reports are based on old data. - 04-Feb-2010

Suzuki, Intelligent Energy Roll Out Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooter
The scooter is equipped with the latest version of Intelligent Energy's unique and proprietary air-cooled, clean fuel cell power systems and has range of 350km on cylinder of hydrogen. - 04-Feb-2010

Velozzi Solo Plug-In Hybrid Incorporates Capstone Microturbine
The Velozzi Supercar will be powered by a 770-horsepower AC-induction electric motor charged by an on-board Capstone C65 microturbine - 04-Feb-2010