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Electric Cars Pushing California Grid Operators to Adapt
Arrival of electric cars will have impact on local grids, especially in neighborhoods where their might be concentrations of them. - 01-Feb-2010

Electrics Give Cyclists a Boost
NY Times look at the burgeoning world of electric bicycles from Shanghai to Manhattan. - 01-Feb-2010

Mississippi Field of Hybrid Car Dreams
GreenTech Automotive founder's plans for Tunica County assembly plant leaves community with a fading hope. - 01-Feb-2010

Looking Ahead to an Electric Car Future
The growing appeal and emergence of electric cars may prove to have a downside. - 01-Feb-2010

Peak Oil Debate Gathers Momentum at Davos Economic Summit
Emerging demand patterns, new extraction technology and global politics could be leading to a future of oil abundance, not of catastrophic dearth, it is argued. - 01-Feb-2010

MINI E Drivers Delighted with Electric Vehicle Experience
UC Davis study shows participants enjoy driving MINI E. Feedback sets stage for next phase of BMW Group Mega-City Vehicle initiative - 01-Feb-2010

Lithium Prospecting Upsets Quebec Residents
West Quebec property owners are discovered unknown prospectors drilling horizontally onto their land in their search for minerals. - 01-Feb-2010

The Electric Car Revolution Starts in Israel
Haartez interviews Better Place founder Shai Agassi during World Economic Forum in Davos. - 01-Feb-2010

Beijing Plans for Electric Vehicle Battery Exchanges and Fast Charge Stations
City already has 50 battery electric buses in operation, serviced by pilot charging stations. - 01-Feb-2010

Electric Car Battery Swapping Gains Credence
Tesla's Model S electric sedan will incorporate battery swapping capability. Beijing is considering installing battery swapping stations. - 01-Feb-2010