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UTC Fuel Cells Pass 5,000 Hour Milestone
AC Transit's three buses using UTC fuel cell system have travelled 213,000 miles altogether.

- 29-Jan-2010

Honda Develops Home Hydrogen Refueler
The 15-square-meter electrolyzer can can produce 0.5 kilogram of hydrogen in eight hours. - 29-Jan-2010

$8 Billion in American High-Speed Rail Projects Detailed
Funds to be used to upgrade track and kick-start high-speed passenger rail corridors in 31 states. - 30-Jan-2010

BNSF Rolls Out Hydrogen Fuel Cell Locomotive
The hydrogen-fuel train is a switch locomotive that moves train cars short distances and from track to track. - 30-Jan-2010

Tesla Motors Plans Public Offering to Raise $100 Million
SEC filing states Model S will feature battery pack that is 'rapidly swapped out at specialized commercial battery pack exchange facilities.' - 30-Jan-2010

Nanocables Promise Better Batteries
When combined, the storage capacity of TiO2 is four times higher than usual and the nanotubes hold three times as many ions. - 30-Jan-2010

Bright's IDEA Plug-In Electric Van Slated for 2013 Delivery
Van's 13kWh battery pack will give van electric-first driving range. - 30-Jan-2010

Just As the Nuclear Power Industry Was Burnishing Its 'Green' Image...
Leaking radioactive water at more than 20 US nuclear power plants again stirs up controversy of safety and viability of aging power plants. - 31-Jan-2010

Coulomb Secures $14M in Series B Funding
Funds to be used for market expansion into Asia and South America. - 01-Feb-2010

AFS Trinity Considers Delaware For Manufacturing 150 MPG SUV
Prototype XH150 uses a hybrid battery system that blends energy density of chemical battery with power density of ultracapacitor. - 01-Feb-2010