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VIDEO: Is Volt the Future of the Electric Car?
Action News reporter John Rawlins takes the Volt for a test drive: video accompanies text report. - 29-Jan-2010

Washington DC Auto Show Key Message: The Future in Electric
Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are the darlings of the show. - 29-Jan-2010

It's Time to Face The Facts About Electric Cars: They Have Their Limits
Canadian columnist David Booth remains skeptical about the future of the electric car. - 29-Jan-2010

Blue Ribbon Commission to Study America's Nuclear Waste Options
Panel to make recommendations for developing a safe, long-term solution to managing the Nation’s used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste. - 29-Jan-2010

President Obama Orders Federal Gov't on Energy Diet
Executive order covers everything from electricity usage to auto fuels with goal of slashing GHG emissions 28% by 2020. - 29-Jan-2010

Up-Selling Hybrid Cars: Hold the Leather, Please
Union of Concerned Scientists develop Hybrid Score Card that rates hybrid-electric cars on three key attributes. - 29-Jan-2010

Jeff Rubin: A Dim View of Electric Cars
The author of 'Why Your World Is About to Get A Whole Lot Smaller' doesn't believe electric cars and their batteries are ready for prime time. - 29-Jan-2010

Time to Put Electric Cars to the Acid Test
Ireland is 99% dependent on imported energy to power its transportation system. - 29-Jan-2010

High-Speed Rail Coming At Just the Right Time
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announces $2.3 billion to begin development of a high-speed rail network in California. - 29-Jan-2010

OECD Oil Demand Has Peaked, Says IEA
IEA forecast OECD demand would average 45.48 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2010, unchanged from 2009. - 29-Jan-2010