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GM and Reva Plan US, European Electric Car Ventures
Firms plan to set up four overseas automaking ventures that could be profitable building as few as 5,000 cars a year. - 05-Jan-2010

Chinese Enterprises Form Electric Car Technology Alliance
Group includes China National Offshore Oil Corp., Kandi Technologies, and China Potevio Co. as well as Tianneng Power International Ltd - 05-Jan-2010

EnerDel Scales Back Battery Plant Plans
Scope of the scale back for Indianapolis facility and jobs not disclosed. - 05-Jan-2010

Think Picks Elkhart County, Indiana to Build City Electric Car
THINK’s investments in Elkhart County will support manufacturing capacity for more than 20,000 vehicles a year. - 05-Jan-2010

Sorry I'm Late, I Had to Charge My Electric Car
Michael Richardson gives readers in the Persian Gulf a heads up on the coming wave of electrically-driven automobiles. - 06-Jan-2010

Coal, Lithium Poses Challenges for India's Electric Car Revolution
India’s top auto companies -- Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Hyundai Motor and Mahindra and Mahindra -- will unveil electric vehicles at New Delhi Auto Show. - 06-Jan-2010

India's Hero Electric Introduces Three New E-Scooters
Scooters will cost from 17,900Rs to 32,796Rs or the equivalent of US$387-US$709. - 06-Jan-2010

Roehr Motorcycles Rolls Out Twin E-Cycles for 2010
The new eRoehr model range will consist of two models, the powerful eSuperbike and the lower spec'd eSupersport. - 06-Jan-2010

Chinese Public Deserve An Apology Over Electric Bike Ruling
Editorial by China Daily urges government's State Standardization Administration to issue a public apology for poor decision-making. - 06-Jan-2010

The Next Decade's Top 10 Sustainability Trends
Trends include more use of cycles and information technology to create more resilient communities. - 06-Jan-2010