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Peugeot's E-Vivacity Electric Scooter Offers Economical Mobility
Lithium Ion Cobalt battery promises a minimum of 1,000 intensive charging/discharging cycles, equivalent to some 40,000 km. - 26-Jan-2010

First Glimpse of Russian Electric Car Concept
Four-place electric car dubbed 'Eco' is being developed by Russian industrial truck manufacturer Yarovit. - 26-Jan-2010

Toyota Halts Sales of 8 Leading Models
Toyota Prius and Lexus lines are not effected by temporary sales moratorium due to accelerator pedal recall. - 27-Jan-2010

Executives Offer Mixed Assessment on Near Term Future of Electric Cars
Most offer cautious assessments at Green Car Summit in Washington, D.C. - 27-Jan-2010

Ventura School District Rolls Out Plug-In Hybrid Bus
$200,000 bus build by the IC Bus division of Navistar is expected to demonstrate a 30 pct improvement in fuel economy. - 27-Jan-2010

Japanese Consortium Formed Around SIM-Drive
Prototype SIM-Drive electric car slates for 2011 debut. - 27-Jan-2010

Off to the Earth Races
The only engine big enough to impact Mother Nature is Father Greed: the Market, argues NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman - 27-Jan-2010

Plug In Vehicle Advocate Polls Battery Industry Executives
Battery industry executives dispute conclusions of National Research Council report on battery cost projections. - 27-Jan-2010

ECOtality Honored in State of the Union Address
Electric car charging station manufacturer is one of the companies highlighted as benefiting from the 2009 Recovery Act. - 28-Jan-2010

Obama Administration to Announce $8 Billion for High-Speed Rail Projects
In all, rail projects in 31 states will get money through the Recovery Act stimulus plan - 29-Jan-2010