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HSBC Invests $350M in Better Place
Firm conducts year-long due diligence study and is convinced the model is viable and scalable. - 25-Jan-2010

Better Place Electric Car Business Model Receives $350M Vote of Confidence
HSBC's year-long due diligence convinces it that Better Place offers a promising new business model for electric car ownership. - 25-Jan-2010

Fast Tracking Our Electric Drive Future
To drive wider deployment of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery and fuel cell vehicles, EDTA is recommending policies that will grow the vehicle and infrastructure market. - 25-Jan-2010

EnerDel to Provide Batteries for Japanese Electric Bus Demonstration
Japan's first electric bus to be deployed in regular service in Toyama, coastal city located on the Sea of Japan. - 25-Jan-2010

Honda CEO Orders Prius-Beating Hybrid
Takanobu wants a hybrid that has better miles per gallon rating than the world's most popular hybrid. - 25-Jan-2010

BYD Plans 5,000 MW Battery Plant
Plant located in Shaanxi province will be China's largest 'solar power battery plant,' suggesting the plant will make batteries for renewable energy systems. - 25-Jan-2010

Dutch Buy 1.3 Million Bicycles
Electric-assisted models experience highest rise in sales, up 20% at 150,000 units. - 26-Jan-2010

Electric Cars Are 'Big Deal' This Year for Washington Auto Show
Being part of Washington DC Auto Show increasingly important in era of government intervention. - 26-Jan-2010

General Motors To Build Its Own Electric Car Motors
First GM electric motors will debut in next-generation rear-wheel-drive Two-mode Hybrids. - 26-Jan-2010

Think, Aerovironment to Demonstrate 15-Minute Fast Charge
AV Level III can recharge Think electric car to 80 pct state-of-charge in 15 minutes. - 26-Jan-2010