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Around the World On Solar Wings
Solar-powered airplane will take 20-25 days to circle the globe starting in Abu Dhabi. - 22-Jan-2010

Bob Lutz On Peak Oil, Climate Change and Electric Cars
GM's Lutz is a strong proponent of electric cars like the Chevy Volt because oil demand will exacerbate boom and bust economic cycles. - 22-Jan-2010

AutoPort Licenses Vehicle-to-Grid Technology
The licensing agreement launches the first large-scale demonstration of the UD-developed V2G technology. - 22-Jan-2010

NYC to EV Owners: Get Your Own Plug
New York City prepares for the introduction of electric cars, issuing its own 24-page report. - 23-Jan-2010

Electric Cars Give Detroit Auto Show Its Sizzle
Fears of demand for fuels exceeding supply in the next 20 years drives auto innovation. - 23-Jan-2010

New Study Predicts Big Market for Electric Cars
Global Insight analysts peering into their crystal balls see an 8.6 percent market share for plug-in hybrids and a 9.9 percent share for electrics within two decades. - 23-Jan-2010

Bolivia's President Vows Tighter Grip on Economy, Development of Lithium Reserves
Morales promises to develop iron and lithium industries to help Bolivia export value-added products instead of raw materials. - 23-Jan-2010

China's E-Bikes: Safer, Cleaner Than the Alternative
Wall Street Journal's Shai Oster responds to article in Journal critical of electric two-wheelers in China. - 24-Jan-2010

Environmental Groups Endorse Plug-In Electric Cars
Plug-in hybrids and electric cars offer a spectrum of environmental and economic benefits, report finds. - 24-Jan-2010

Lithium Skeptic: In Response of John Peterson
Discovery blogger Chris Davis thinks outspoken electric car critic John Peterson is limiting his horizons too much. - 24-Jan-2010