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California Threatens to Pull Out of Fuel Economy Agreement
State wants feds to lower proposed credits for zero-emissions vehicles and to reject automaker proposal to ease MPG phase-in. - 21-Jan-2010

Automakers Jockey for Position in Electric Car Market
Despite the shortcomings of electric cars, OEMs are pursuing wide range of electric vehicle architectures from hybrids to pure electrics. - 21-Jan-2010

EnerDel Expected to Reveal Lithium Battery Plant Plans
The company has applied for a $480 million federal loan that would allow for a significant manufacturing expansion. - 21-Jan-2010

EU President Urges Europe-wide Electric Car Initiative
Spanish prime minister and current EU president wants pan-European strategy to produce viable electric car. - 21-Jan-2010

Russian Billionaire to Launch Electric Car Project
Investment seen as part of Russian effort to rid its dependence on raw material exports and switch to a knowledge-based, innovative economy. - 21-Jan-2010

NE England Businesses Urged to Support Electric Cars
Firms asked to support installing electric car charging points as part of drive to win £30m Plugged In Places funding. - 21-Jan-2010

No Tax-Free Ride for Electric Cars
Some fraction of Canada's CAD$15-billion in fuel taxes will be at risk as consumers start to drive electric cars. - 21-Jan-2010

Reva, Fiat Said to Have MOU Signed to Build Electric Cars In Sicily
Cape Natixis CEO Simone Cimino would invest some 40m Euros in unprofitable Sicilian car plant that would build EVs in collaboration with Indian-based Reva. - 21-Jan-2010

EnerDel Announces Battery Plant Location
$237 million manufacturing plant to be located near EnerDel's Indianapolis headquarters. - 21-Jan-2010

Instead of E-Cars, How About Building Streetcars?
Globe and Mail reporter Eric Reguly attends the Detroit Auto Show and comes away convinced that what we need is better public transportation, not more cars, electric or otherwise. - 22-Jan-2010