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100 MPG is Goal for X Prize Competitor
EV Innovations hopes to win Progress Automotive X Prize with $39,000 Wave electric car. - 20-Jan-2010

This Electric Car Drives Itself
Destined for deployment in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, the electric pod has a top speed of 40 km/h (25mph) and follows magnets buried in pavement. - 20-Jan-2010

EVs and Solar Power to Find Union in RĂ©union
French President Sarkozy has unveiled plan to make La RĂ©union an EV Island - 20-Jan-2010

NASA Debuts Personal Electric VSTOL Aircraft Concept
Puffin electric aircraft would have range of 80 km on current generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries. - 20-Jan-2010

Plug-In Cars White Paper Envisions Historic Shift
Environment Texas publishes 26-page paper that sees plug-in cars as reducing emissions, air pollution and reducing oil dependence. - 21-Jan-2010

THINK City Electric Car to Use Eltek Valere Battery Chargers
Eltek Valere starts delivering the first chargers in February. - 21-Jan-2010

Luxury Plug-In Hybrid Maker Fisker Receives Additional $115.3 Million Investment
Funds come from A123 Technologies, the battery manufacturer that will supply lithium batteries for Fisker plug-in hybrid vehicles. - 21-Jan-2010

HK Motors Recruits Italian Design Firm
Former Chinese carmaker still on the hunt for $1.5 billion for Alabama hybrid car manufacturing plant. - 21-Jan-2010

Toyota Secures Lithium Supplies in Argentina
Deal sent sent share of project owner and operator to all-time high. - 21-Jan-2010

Open Source Hydrogen Car Aims to Reinvest Car Production, Ownership
Two-passenger Riversimple runs on 6kW fuel cell and gets equivalent of 300 miles per gallon. - 21-Jan-2010