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Jeff Hirsch Rolls Out Comoto Electric Motorcycle
72 Volt motorcycle weighs just 53.5kg (118 lb) and has top speed of 40 mph, with range of 30+ miles. - 20-Jan-2010

Balqon Releases Lithium-ion Powered Yard Tractor
The Nautilus XE20 is designed to travel at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and is capable of towing loads of up to 40 tons. - 20-Jan-2010

Driving 'Green' Is Getting A Lot Easier
Sara Mullins, the 'Driving Diva', reviews the 'green cars' of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. - 20-Jan-2010

Green Dream House and Car in Japan Points Way to the Future
Demonstration house in Koto, Japan is zero-CO2 home, as is solar charged Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car. - 20-Jan-2010

EDTA Announces List of Keynote Speakers
2010 Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Conference and Annual Meeting to co-located with Washington D.C. Auto Show. - 20-Jan-2010

This Carbon-free Ride Also Offers Great Workout
The 17kg three-wheeler is driven by a 250W internal, brushless hub motor with range up to 40 km (24 mi). - 20-Jan-2010

The Greenest Vehicle of 2010
Dennis Markatos lives in Manhattan and finds the bicycle the greenest vehicle around. - 20-Jan-2010

Electric Bicycles Are Now 'A Trend'
The stream of articles about electric bikes indicates e-bikes are now officially 'a trend.' - 20-Jan-2010

Russia's Richest Man Given Putin's Blessing to Produce Electric Cars
Car said to be a VW Golf-class sedan that uses plastic body panels with a target price of 8,800 Euros (US$12,400). - 20-Jan-2010

Arrival of Electric Cars Will Force Gov'ts to Adapt Alternative Taxes
Canada's three levels of government share about $15 billion in taxes from fuel annually. - 20-Jan-2010