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GM Considering Second Battery Supplier for Volt
SB LiMotive is a joint venture between Samsung SDI and Germany's Robert Bosch. - 18-Jan-2010

American Suburbia Versus the Planet
America has a long track record of bad choses that will be exaggerated by three key events: peak oil, the housing bubble and climate change. - 18-Jan-2010

Batteries Could Put Americans on Two Wheels
E-bike makers in the United States saw something of a miniboom in 2008, when gasoline prices spiked and people started looking for eco-friendly alternatives to the automobile. - 18-Jan-2010

Toyota Plans to Double Hybrid Production By 2011
Toyota Motor Corp aims to double its global output of gas-electric hybrid cars to 1 million units in 2011 - 18-Jan-2010

Hydro-Quebec Plans Cold Weather Electric Car Trials
50 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric cars to begin Canadian climate trials this fall. - 18-Jan-2010

Europe Shifting to CO2-Based Tax Regime
Frost & Sullivan study finds that about 80 per cent of the European vehicle sales is expected to be in the less than 150g/km CO2 emission band by 2015. - 19-Jan-2010

Electric Cars Go Into Overdrive
For a variety of reasons, carmakers large and small are preparing to bring out electric cars. - 19-Jan-2010

Investment Strategies for an Electric Car Eco-system
Cynthia S. Artin shares her perspective on who the players are in the emerging world of smart grids, batteries and electric cars. - 19-Jan-2010

BYD Gets Gov't Go Ahead to Build E6 Electric Car
E6 will go on sale domestically in China first half of 2010 for estimated 300,000 Yuan (US43,988). - 20-Jan-2010

E-Yikes! Electric Bikes 'Terrorize' Streets of China
There an estimated 120 million electric bicycles in China, up from 50,000 a decade ago, making them the fast growing form of transport in the China - 20-Jan-2010