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Could 'Green Cars' Keep Detroit In the Red?
Development of plug-in cars being driven by government more than consumer demand, contends Newsweek. - 17-Jan-2010

Bolivia Announces Two New Lithium Deposits
The Coipasa Salt Flat occupies 3,300-sq-km, while the Pastos Grandes reserve covers 118-sq-km. - 17-Jan-2010

Finally, Some Electricity in the Air at Detroit Auto Show
Suddenly Cobo Hall had room for Chinese hybrids, Korean electrics and other 'green' cars whose makers invariably billed themselves as visionaries. - 17-Jan-2010

Berkeley's Green Motors Closed Weeks Shy of Second Anniversary
Combination of recession, vehicle prices and limits of neighborhood electric vehicles forced dealership out of business. - 17-Jan-2010

Port of Los Angeles In Talks to Deploy Hydrogen Short-haul Trucks
Vision Motors Class 8 truck purportedly powered by equivalent of 450 hp and range of 400 miles. - 17-Jan-2010

Renault, French Politics and Zeo ZE Electric Car
President Sarkozy pledges to provide loans of 170 million euros ($244 million) to develop electric cars and batteries. - 17-Jan-2010

Attitudes on Electric Avenue Show How Far We Have Yet to Go
Visitors to electric car exhibit were fascinated by the new technology, but said there were still a lot of unanswered questions about convenience, finding places to plug in and battery life. - 18-Jan-2010

The Hot Cars of NAIAS 2010: Small, Sporty & Electric
While article highlights gasoline-only models, it also mentions Honda's hybrid CR-Z and Nissan Leaf. - 18-Jan-2010

Green Cars Slow to Merge On the Fast Lane of Public Perception
The average American sees a car as a tool that must be able to do everything: cars are viewed as Swiss army knives. - 18-Jan-2010

We May Not Be Ready for Electric Cars
Tupelo, Mississippi resident Dennis Seid finds that his house may not have the power to recharge an electric car. - 18-Jan-2010