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Could Shift to Diesel and Electric Drive Also Prompt Shift in How Car Are Sold, Run and Used?
While diesels and better petrol engines are coming to market, some carmakers are also concentrating on electric-drive vehicles. - 17-Jan-2010

Mitsubishi Rises on Electric Car Production News
The automaker advanced 7.5 percent to close at 144 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. - 17-Jan-2010

Electric Cars Struggle to Spark Enthusiasm
PricewaterhouseCoopers analyst offers his perspective on why UK public slow to accept electric-drive vehicles, including hybrids. - 17-Jan-2010

Are Electric Cars the 'Next Frontier'?
Battery electric vehicles have a specific need a specific market. - 17-Jan-2010

NovaCharge Partners With Car Charging Group, Inc.
Car Charging intends to provide a service whereby the public will be able to recharge their electric vehicles at convenient locations. - 17-Jan-2010

Calculating the Cost of Electric Cars
Co-Director of Centre of Automotive Industry Research Dr Peter Wells calculates costs will remain high for electric cars. - 17-Jan-2010

Fisker Raises $115m, Clears Gov't Loan Requirements
Fisker now has raised enough equity to access the loans the U.S. Department of Energy, planning to use funds to finish Karma engineering, start work on Nina program. - 17-Jan-2010

Is An Electric Car in Your Future?
Question and answer dialogue on electric cars and their current state of affairs. - 17-Jan-2010

Toyota's Koei Saga Sees Limits of Electric Cars
Despite increasing battery research efforts, prospects for long-range electric cars in doubt. - 17-Jan-2010

A Stroll Down Detroit's Electric Avenue
Brian Early shares his impressions from the 'Electric Avenue' at the 2010 Detroit auto show. - 17-Jan-2010