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Dow Kokam Acquires French Battery Pack Maker SVE
SVE will become a subsidiary of Dow Kokam while Paris-based Groupe Dassault becomes a minority stake holder in Dow Kokam through the acquisition. - 17-Jan-2010

GM To Build Electric Motors for Its Plug-In Vehicles
General Motors also considering internal manufacture of control electronics. - 17-Jan-2010

BYD Has Ambitious Plans for Chinese and Global Market
BYD aims to become the number one automaker in its domestic market by 2015 and across the globe by 2025! - 17-Jan-2010

GM's Denise Gray Works to Keep Down Battery Costs
It will take continued effort to reduce the size and cost of electric vehicle battery packs. - 17-Jan-2010

New York City Seen As Potential Electric Car Trailblazer
Mckinsey report sees electric cars and plug-in hybrids could account for more than 15 per cent of the market within five years - 17-Jan-2010

Test Driving the Think City Electric Car
Jim Motovalli gets a quick spin behind the wheel of the car he thinks might save the American Rust Belt. - 17-Jan-2010

Volkswagen Introduces New Concept Coupe Hybrid
This parallel-hybrid vehicle runs on either a combination of gas-engine and electric or electric power only. - 17-Jan-2010

Fisker to Put A123 Batteries in Its Karma Luxury Plug-in Hybrid
Order comes at time when A123 is reporting deep quarterly losses and scaling back its Chrysler supply deal. - 17-Jan-2010

What You'll Be Driving In 2016
To get 35.5 mpg standard by the 2016 deadline, auto companies will need to roll out a mix of technological innovations. - 17-Jan-2010

Rumored: Martin Eberhard Consulting for Volkswagen
Michael Kanellos can't confirm it, 'but figure you might want to know.' - 17-Jan-2010