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A Battery Charging Speed Bump for Electric Cars?
Peter Fairley raises the issue of the impact electric cars will have on local power grids. - 05-Jan-2010

UK Defense Firm Develops Cheaper, Stronger Electric Car Battery
Qinetiq's approach involves making cathodes from lithium-ion iron sulfide instead of the more common lithium-cobalt oxide. - 05-Jan-2010

Is 2010 Electrovaya's Year?
Mississauga-based lithium battery maker not only posted a Q4 profit in 2009, but has slew of agreements that appear poised to move beyond paper and ink. - 05-Jan-2010

Tata's New Mantra: Go Green
Among the Indian industrial giants 'green' initiatives is its Indica EV electric car, which it plans to introduce in select European markets in 2010. - 05-Jan-2010

Coming in 2012: A 70MPG Plug-In Hybrid Mercedes S-Class
Due for sale in 2012, the new S-Class sedan will be offered with plug-in hybrid technology. - 05-Jan-2010

Eleven US Governors Back Low Carbon Fuel Standard
LCFS can do is put electrified rail and other forms of transit on a more competitive footing. - 05-Jan-2010

Electric Cars to 'Rule' At Indian Auto Expo 2010
The 2010 Auto Expo will feature a number of EVs which are out to prove that running an EV could get practical, very soon. - 05-Jan-2010

Spain's Narrave Region Is Renewable Energy Leader
Navarre currently produces 65 percent of its energy from renewable sources and a fleet of 400,000 electric cars would need the energy from just one region in the state. - 05-Jan-2010

Swiss Firm Plans Rollout of 1 Million Euro Electric Car Prototype
Lampo2 is equipped with four different charging modes for its Kokam lithium batteries that can provide range up to 200 km. - 05-Jan-2010

New Delhi, India Planning Electric Car Incentives
Incentives include lower VAT and road taxes and registration charge refunds on electric cars. - 05-Jan-2010