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2010 Prius Faces Gov't Probe Over Brakes
Speculation focuses on the regenerative system, and whether a sharp jolt to the vehicle could inadvertently trick vehicle sensors and controls into releasing the brakes. - 01-Jan-2010

VW, Suzuki Said Collaborating on Electric, Hybrids for Emerging Markets
VW brings its Up! Lite concept while Suzuki small car design expertise and access to Indian market through Maruti Suzuki. - 01-Jan-2010

Toyota to Build Subcompact Hybrid at New Miyagi Prefecture Plant
New Yaris/Vitz-class hybrid will offer better fuel economy than Prius at the equivalent of 84 mpg (40 km/l). - 02-Jan-2010

Karma Comes to Downtown Orlando
Fields Group will add Fisker Karma to its luxury car line-up. - 02-Jan-2010

RUSNANO Approves Russo-Chinese Lithium Battery JV
Under the project, a plant will be built in Novosibirsk with four production lines from Thunder Sky (China), which is its coinvestor. - 02-Jan-2010

Honda's (Hydrogen) Gas-Guzzler
Jeremy Hart shares his experiences driving and refueling Honda's FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan. - 02-Jan-2010

Forecast: Small Cars Will Lead Demand
John LeBlanc gives his perspective on the immediate future of the automotive industry going into 2010. - 02-Jan-2010

E-Bikes Profitable If Not Perfect
Chinese researchers estimate the production of e-bikes accounted for 26 per cent of China’s refined lead consumption - 02-Jan-2010

CCTV Sees 2010 As Important for Electric Cars
Central China Television perspective on growing electric-drive vehicle trends being seen globally and in China. - 02-Jan-2010

2010 Could Be the Year Plug-In Cars Take Off
EV World friends and bloggers comment on the future of electric cars in 2010. - 02-Jan-2010