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Electric Cars Spurring Investment in US Battery Production
US has fallen off the map as a volume lithium-ion cell producer. - 19-Jan-2009

Who's Killing the Plug-in Hybrid?
California Air Resources Board is expected to adopt strict new regulations based on the theory that the innovative plug-in hybrid conversions may be bad for the environment. - 19-Jan-2009

IRS Offers No Incentives to Make Cars Greener
Although the government provides tax breaks for hybrids and alt-fuel vehicles produced by major automakers, it doesn't provide any relief to those who make their existing cars greener. - 19-Jan-2009

We Must Prepare for Electric Cars Now
Better Place, a company from Palo Alto, Calif., will open a Canadian office in Toronto and build an automobile demonstration and education centre there. - 19-Jan-2009

Battery Electric Cars Not Yet Practical for Mass Production
At best, the industry could sell about 50,000 all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars, projects this Cleveland Plain Dealer article. - 19-Jan-2009

Michigan Charged Up Over Electric Cars
Suddenly, after months of scathing criticism, the press was saying nice things about GM and its embattled chairman again. - 19-Jan-2009

Honda Insight Hybrid: Mostly Agreeable
USA Today columnist Jim Healey takes new Honda Insight hybrid for test drive and finds it 'not as refined' as Civic Hybrid or Prius. - 19-Jan-2009

Chinese Cars Inch Closer to US
Gone from Detroit this year were previous Chinese exhibitors like Chamco, the short-lived American distributor for Hebei Zhongxing Automobiles, Geely and Changfeng. - 19-Jan-2009

Moniker Needed: REEV vs EREV?
GM refers to the Volt as an extended-range electric vehicle, while Chrysler uses range-extended electric vehicle. - 20-Jan-2009

Bumpy Road Ahead for Electric Car Startups
Even with extensive engineering teams, the large companies are grappling with uncertainties about how lithium-ion batteries will perform in the vehicles long-term. - 19-Jan-2009