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A123 Looks to Build Battery Plant
The company envisions full production volumes reaching 5 million hybrid vehicles or 500,000 "plug-in" electric vehicles per year by 2013. - 17-Jan-2009

Milestone: Valence Ships 200,000th Battery
Over 100 companies have purchased Valence's patented energy storage solutions. - 17-Jan-2009

Cars in Detroit Were Electric If Mood Wasn't
From launch of new generation three Prius to GM's announcement it would start manufacturing its own batteries, electric car news dominated the 2009 Detroit auto show. - 17-Jan-2009

Spain's SEAT Develops Plug-in Hybrid Prototype
VW-developed electric drive system will propel SEAT Leon 50 km in zero emission mode. - 17-Jan-2009

Toyota Sees FT-EV Ideal for Carsharing, Green Communities
Mr. Reinert sees a promising opportunity, however, in newly minted communities that encourage residents to use non-polluting vehicles. - 17-Jan-2009

Chinese Electric Car Jolts The Competition
BYD is working with electricity companies to set up charging stations where motorists could charge a battery half-full in 10 minutes. - 17-Jan-2009

Chrysler Wants Made In America EV Batteries
Chrysler's ENVI division is looking for batteries made near its assembly plants and Boston Power might be a likely candidate, speculates Jim Motavalli. - 19-Jan-2009

Car Industry Abuzz Over Chinese Battery Claims
BYD says its power packs use an iron ferrous chemistry that allows them to double the voltage delivered but costs considerably less than competing technology. - 19-Jan-2009

GM Puts Charge in Detroit Auto Show
Japan put up funding to jump-start Panasonic EV, while China has offered free electricity and equipment to battery factories. - 19-Jan-2009

Boston-Power Raises Additional $55 Million
Boston-Power anticipates its Li-on batteries will eventually be used to power various consumer electronics devices as well as hybrid and electric vehicles - 19-Jan-2009