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GM,Chrysler Promise Electric Cars In Midst of Industry Gloom
Auto industry analysts see GM gaining a bit in credibility, while Chrysler's future remains in doubt. - 17-Jan-2009

GM, Rivals Spark Race for Electric Car Batteries
Auto industry is beginning to make needed advances in battery technology to put a first wave of rechargeable electric cars like the Volt on the road. - 17-Jan-2009

Honda's New Insight Hybrid to Challenge Toyota's Next Generation Prius
The Insight will go an estimated 40 miles per gallon in the city and 43 on the highway, compared to Fusion Hybrid's 41 mpg and Prius' 50 mpg. - 17-Jan-2009

LA Times' Dan Neil 'Press-ganged' to See Ford Electric Car
Ford, Magna International anticipate 2011 roll-out of co-developed battery electric car. - 17-Jan-2009

Can Made-in USA Hybrids Beat Japanese Competitors?
Ford's much-acclaimed Fusion Hybrid gets better fuel economy than Toyota Camry and new Honda Insight. - 17-Jan-2009

Toyota Reported Willing to Sell Batteries to Competitors
Along with making packs for a plug-in version of the Prius hybrid, Toyota sees an opportunity for additional revenue from supplying packs to rivals - 17-Jan-2009

Tesla to Supply Smart with Electric Car Battery Packs
Daimler selects Tesla to produce battery packs and chargers for Smart EV. - 17-Jan-2009

Azure Dynamics Picks JSC as Lithium-ion Battery Supplier
The complete battery systems, including electronics, electrical and mechanical components, will be assembled at Johnson Controls-Saft's facility in Glendale. - 17-Jan-2009

Electric Cars Disappoint in '08
Bringing electric car technology to the market is proving daunting for all players, large and small. - 17-Jan-2009

Think Rescued Again!
Ener1 provides $5.69 million bridge loan to give Norwegian electric car manufacturer in production. Think uses EnerDel batteries. - 17-Jan-2009