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Electric Car Maker Miles Creating Buzz
Miles plans to sell 9,000 its Chinese-assembled cars almost exclusively in California and mostly in the Los Angeles area. - 15-Jan-2009

Johnson Control Develops RE3 Electric Concept Car
RE3 electric concept car is designed to demonstrate use of different materials and flexible, novel ways of using space. - 15-Jan-2009

Plug-in Hybrids Still Best Bet in Electric Cars
Plug-in hybrid batteries are close to meeting US ABC goals, but much work remains on the batteries for pure EVs. - 15-Jan-2009

Hacking Your Hybrid
Why wait? You can create your own plug-in hybrid. - 15-Jan-2009

BYD Touts Battery Technology
Besides its F3DM, BYD also showed another plug-in hybrid, the F6DM, and the E6, a seven-seat electric van. - 15-Jan-2009

Montana Bill Supports 'Medium Speed' Electric Cars
A 2007 bill opened the door for MSEV use in Montana, upping top speed to 35 mph, restricting their use to roads with speed limits of no more than 45 mph and requiring state registration. - 15-Jan-2009

Electrotherm to Build Battery Plant for Electric Bikes
Electrotherm expects to sell 30,000 no-petrol, no-licence, and no-registration vehicles this year. - 15-Jan-2009

Detroit Goes for Electric Cars, but Will Drivers?
Ford plans to make only 10,000 of the electric vehicles a year at first - very few by Detroit standards - to test the market cautiously. GM and Toyota are following a similar cautious approach. - 15-Jan-2009

Media Reporting Toyota Electric Car Goes on Sale in 2012
US media is reporting the diminutive FT-EV could wear an affordable price tag of about US$20,000. - 15-Jan-2009

Chrysler Plans Electric Car Push in 2010
Chrysler aims to have four electric vehicles in the market by 2013. - 15-Jan-2009