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2009 NAIAS Includes Indoor Eco-Track
Detroit Auto Show will include 700-foot test track for zero emission vehicles. - 09-Jan-2009

Light Electric Vehicle Association Formed
Light electric vehicles are defined as battery, fuel cell, or hybrid-powered two-or-three-wheel vehicles generally weighing less than 200 pounds. - 09-Jan-2009

More Hybrids, Electrics Showcased at Detroit Auto Show
Debuting are new Ford hybrids, Toyota Prius and Fisker Sunset - 09-Jan-2009

Nanotube Superbatteries
Pure thin films of carbon nanotubes can store and carry large amounts of electrical charge, making them promising electrode materials. - 09-Jan-2009

Who's the 'Stealth Mode' Battery Start-Up in Kleiner-Perkins Portfolio?
John Doerr tells Senate Committee about unnamed startup that 'creates stable, durable lithium ion batteries with higher effective storage capacity.' - 09-Jan-2009

My Volt-Powered Test Drive
CNBC's Phil LeBeau gets behind the wheel of the Chevy Volt... after NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer. - 09-Jan-2009

Open Letter to Michelle and Barack Obama
NOAA climate scientist Jim Hansen's letter to the future First Family on the need for urgent action to address global warming. - 09-Jan-2009

Shanghai Auto Group Forms Hybrid Car JV
New hybrid model will appear in 2010 and offer 20 percent improvement in fuel economy. - 09-Jan-2009

BYD to Introduce Plug-in Sedan, Electric Cross-Over in Detroit
BYD Auto will introduce several important new models that represent the company's strategic vision, including F3DM plug-in and e6 electric car. - 09-Jan-2009

Gulf Oil States Seeking a Lead in Clean Energy
The crown prince of Abu Dhabi will invest $15 billion in renewable energy. - 15-Jan-2009