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Electric Cars Moving from Concept to Reality
George Spaulding updates Charleston Post and Courier readers about what's in the offing for green cars. - 09-Feb-2009

Vandals Endangering Paris' Velib Bike-Share Program
7,800 of the original 15,000 bikes have disappeared or stolen and 11,600 have been vandalised. - 10-Feb-2009

Indy Power Develops Blended Energy Control System
The system's hardware platform uses embedded software that manages the flow of energy between multiple types of power units - 10-Feb-2009

Nissan Seeks Share of U.S. Gov't Funds
The US Energy Department may disburse some of the $25 billion in low-cost loans to successful applicants. - 10-Feb-2009

Electric Car Batteries Charging Ahead
High battery costs and limited production capacity remain serious challenges for commercialization of the American electric-drive vehicles. - 10-Feb-2009

Victor Wouk: Godfather of the Hybrid Car
Developed in 1973, the car got 30 mpg, twice its non-hybrid version, but was cancelled by a new EPA Administrator. - 10-Feb-2009

Slashing Coal Use with Sunshine
Retrofitting existing power plants is a low-cost option for solar-thermal projects because the steam turbines that are needed come for free. - 10-Feb-2009

EPA Sets Hearing on California Waiver
Public hearing on the issue set for March 5 and EPA will take public comments through April 6. - 10-Feb-2009

Scuderi Assembles Proof-of-Concept Split-Cycle Engine
The one-liter, naturally aspirated gasoline prototype is expected to produce up to 80 percent less toxins than a typical internal combustion engine. - 10-Feb-2009

India to Require Fuel Efficiency Rating for All Cars
The proposed law will cover imported and locally-produced cars, and the star-rating system will likely be administered by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency - 10-Feb-2009