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The Futility of Plug-in Hybrid Cars?
Could plug-in hybrid cars actually increase greenhouse gas emissions, asks a Congressional Research Service report? - 06-Feb-2009

Plug-In Hybrids and Ozone
U of Texas study finds the overall impact of PHEV use on air quality is more varied and complicated than previously thought. - 06-Feb-2009

India's Reva Plans New Electric Car, Plant
Lithium-ion battery version will have range of 120 km. - 07-Feb-2009

Ex-Disney Researcher Develops Para-Hydrogen Generator
Device said to reduce gasoline usage up to to 50 percent. - 07-Feb-2009

Carbon Nanotubes May Replace Platinum Fuel Cell Catalysts
The carbon nanotube-based device produces four times as much electric current as it would using platinum. - 07-Feb-2009

Obama Fueling the Shift to PHEVs
David Fessler introduces Seeking Alpha readers to the concept of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or PHEVs. - 07-Feb-2009

Automobile Magazine Profiles BYD's Wang Chuanfu
BYD's ambitious plans include 350,000 total sales this year, including a pure-electric model. Photo credit: EV World.com. - 07-Feb-2009

Austin Vying for Battery Consortium Plant Location
Austin-based ActaCell is part of 20-company consortium that is seeking to establish strong U.S.-based electric car cell manufacturing. - 07-Feb-2009

Daimler's Weber Sees It's Ahead in Battery Technology
Automobilwoche talks with Thomas Weber about Daimler's partnership with Evonik in Li-Tec. - 07-Feb-2009

National Electric Car Infrastructure Discussed in D.C.
Automakers have largely agreed on standard charging solutions, agreeing to use three-prong cords that can plug into any grounded 110-volt outlet. - 07-Feb-2009