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Panasonic-Sanyo Deal Stalls Amidst Layoffs
Justice Department antitrust division may delay the deal until August as it reviews the combined firms' lithium-ion business. - 05-Feb-2009

It's No-sweat on an Electric Bike
E-bikes, which have a small motor to help get up hills and in headwinds, are now on sale in Timaru, NZ. - 05-Feb-2009

Like Vending Machines for Electric Cars
Coulomb plans to have about 1,000 chargers in place by the end of the year in San Jose, California. - 05-Feb-2009

Eight Utilities Join Ford's 'Partners In Progress' PHEV Trials
List of electric utility companies who will work with Ford on plug-in electric vehicle program. - 05-Feb-2009

Honda Aims for Under-$20K Insight Hybrid
At current exchange rate car will sell for $21,140US (1.89 million Yen) when it goes on sale February 6th. - 05-Feb-2009

On a Mission... Electric Motorcycle
Former Tesla employee is building an all-electric superbike. Can it be a business, too? - 05-Feb-2009

Solar Car In Development for Sri Lanka
Electro Mobile (Pvt.) Ltd, the largest electric automobile manufacturer in Sri Lanka. - 06-Feb-2009

Altairnano: Redefining the Grid and Hybrid Cars
Altairnano's innovative battery design, which has been designed in Nevada and is produced in Indiana, may well restart the pure-play electric vehicle industry and redefine electric power delivery. - 06-Feb-2009

Stimulating America's Laggard Electric Car Battery Business
The country is behind when it comes to advanced vehicle batteries, but innovation and a little stimulus money could head off another OPEC scenario. - 06-Feb-2009

Nano-based Lithium Battery Market Projected to Grow to $1.13 Billion by 2013
Large-format batteries for electric-drive vehicles will dominate 84.7 percent of market by 2013, projects iRap study. - 06-Feb-2009