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Energix Research Develops Micro GTL Process
Technology reduces energy needed to produce gas-to-liquid synfuels, along with reduced equipment cost. - 04-Feb-2009

PHEV Tax Credits In Jeopardy, Warns Plug in America
Group asks citizens to express support for plug-in hybrid tax credits, which it sees as being in jeopardy in Congress. - 04-Feb-2009

EDTA Offers Roadmap to Electric Car Future
EDTA's Electric Drive Road Map for Energy Security outlines the key elements of a comprehensive strategy to accelerate the growth electric-drive vehicles. - 04-Feb-2009

GM Sees San Francisco and DC as Driving Volt Adoption
The upcoming Volt hybrid sedan is GM's attempt to work with local governments to build public charging stations and offer price incentives. - 04-Feb-2009

EcoCar Teams Roll Out Architectures for 'Green' Vehicle of the Future
Students Provide Glimpse into the Future of Clean Vehicle Technology Solutions as they Reveal Cutting-Edge EcoCAR Designs - 06-Feb-2009

How Japan Became an Energy Efficiency Superstar
Excerpt from forthcoming book Energy Security Challenges for the 21st Century, edited by Gal Luft and Anne Korin - 04-Feb-2009

Innovation Is the Engine of Tomorrow's Cars
New ownership models, along with connectivity and electrification are part of the evolving future of the automobile, writes Jerome Hansen. - 04-Feb-2009

Explosion Seriously Injures Hybrid Lexus Driver
Preliminary photo evidence indicates it wasn't the battery pack that injured Dr. Pierce, the chairman of the Arkansas Medical Board. - 05-Feb-2009

The Lithium Challenge
Nothing is ever easy when it comes to minerals we need and don't have enough of, writes the Long Beach Press Telegram editorial staff. - 05-Feb-2009

Batteries Beyond Lithium?
Donald Sadoway of MIT’s Department of Materials Science Engineering is investigating other potential approaches to batteries. - 05-Feb-2009