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Sonoma County's Ambitious 1000-Electric Car Plan
Sonoma hopes to win up to $3 million in state and U.S. Energy Department grants to install charging stations and convert existing fuel-electric hybrid vehicles to plug-in hybrids. - 04-Feb-2009

New Mexico Bill Would Permit Faster Neighborhood Electric Cars
House Bill 294 would create an updated designation a medium-speed electric vehicles, raising their top speed to 35 mph, instead of current federal limit of 25 mph. - 04-Feb-2009

Plotting the Long Road to One Million Electric Vehicles
The Electric Drive Transportation Association on Tuesday is expected to release a set of policy recommendations. - 04-Feb-2009

Johnson Controls Get Ford Plug-in Hybrid Battery Contract
The batteries will be shipped to Ford under a five-year supply agreement that calls for initial shipments of 5,000 batteries a year. - 04-Feb-2009

The Myth of the Efficient Car
English economist William Stanley Jevons discovered an efficiency paradox: the more efficient you make machines, the more energy they use. - 04-Feb-2009

Audi Plans Hybrid Version of Q5 for 2010
The cost to develop a hybrid powertrain is 3-4 times greater than that for a standard drivetrain, compared with less than 50 percent greater for a diesel drivetrain. - 04-Feb-2009

Ohm Cycles XS700 is Electric Hill Climber
Powered by a 350 Watt electric motor, the XS 700 retails for $3450 US. - 04-Feb-2009

Former US Transport Secretary Calls for Fuel-Economy Summit
Norm Mineta's call for a single national standard was echoed by car dealer associations at the show. - 04-Feb-2009

How Obama's Executive Orders Could Transform the Auto Industry
The two directives, both impacting the auto industry, were the first official memorandums issued by the new president. - 04-Feb-2009

US Car Buyers Still Seeking Improved Fuel Economy
Consumer Federation of America surveys 1,000 Americans and finds 76% percent concerned about fuel economy and oil dependence. - 04-Feb-2009