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Is California Compromise in the Works?
Free Press columnist Mark Phelan believes the Obama Administration will seek a compromise on California's CO2 emissions regulation. - 02-Feb-2009

Electric Cars: Choice of the Next Generation
Telegraph Motoring tests three of the latest electric cars: Mitsubishi's battery i MiEV, Honda’s Insight hybrid and General Motors’ HydroGen4 - 02-Feb-2009

Ford's Project M Electric Car Charges Ahead
While GM's Volt was puttering around on a golf cart motor, Ford was racing plug-in hybrids behind the brick walls of its Dearborn test track. - 02-Feb-2009

Bolivia's Lithium Reserves Meets Its Nationalism
Bolivia can become the Saudi Arabia of lithium, which it regards as its national property. - 04-Feb-2009

Ener1 Expands Relationship with Japanese Lithium Battery Equipment Manufacturer
Growing Relationship with ITOCHU Strengthens Auto Opportunity and Opens Door to Solar, Wind Energy Storage Markets. - 04-Feb-2009

Prototype Plug-in Prius Shows 65 MPG Average
New 2010 Prius achieves 50 mpg fuel efficiency without plug-in capacity. - 04-Feb-2009

Skyspark Plans Fuel-cell Flight in Italy
Based on the Alpi Pioneer 300, the Skyspark is expected to have a flight endurance of 35 minutes. - 04-Feb-2009

This Electric Car Gives Power Back to the Grid
Willet Kempton's electric car costs $70,000, but he believes that in mass production it could cost only $5,000 more than a conventional Toyota Scion Xb. - 04-Feb-2009

Vancouver-based REV to Offer Hymotion Plug-in Conversion
The Hymotion L5 installation adds 5kw of A123 lithium ion battery and charging system to the original Prius drive train. - 04-Feb-2009

Energy Tribune Talks with Toyota's Bill Reinert
Manager of Toyota's Advanced Technology Group leads efforts on dealing with a future, energy constrained world. - 04-Feb-2009