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Shelby Super Cars Debuts Super-Fast, All-electric Ultimate Aero
Based on its gasoline-engine record holder, the EV version is intended to highlight the company's 'revolutionary' AESP. - 01-Feb-2009

All May Not Be Lost for the American Automobile
Not only is the technology of the automobile changing, so is how we think about them. - 01-Feb-2009

Pneumatic Hybrid Engine Shows Promise
Swiss-developed engine uses compressed air instead of batteries to improve fuel economy by 30 percent on European test cycle. - 01-Feb-2009

Utah's Why'rd Automotive Group Pleased with ZAP Xebras
Six-month-old dealership has sold three of the short-range, Chinese-made electric three-wheelers. - 01-Feb-2009

Tucson Wrestles with Sprawl, Carbon Footprint
Local Audubon leader and English-native Paul Green sees need for better community planning. - 01-Feb-2009

Now Is Time to Modernize US Power Grid
OpEd by former deputy director of the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory, John Kotek. - 01-Feb-2009

Has the Electric Car's Time Finally Come?
Tesla points out that while there were lots of great ideas at the Detroit auto show, one it has electric cars in consumer hands. - 01-Feb-2009

Editorial by Doug Manzelmann outlines challenges facing electric car introduction. - 01-Feb-2009

Azure Dynamics' Hybrid-electric Shuttle Passes Federal Tests
Successful completion of tests qualifies shuttle bus for FTA co-funding up to 80%. - 02-Feb-2009

Clean the Air with High Gasoline Prices
Open letter to President Obama from Washington Post automotive writer, Warren Brown against granting California its EPA waiver. - 02-Feb-2009