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Ron Tonkin Automotive Group Signs Up as Fisker Dealers
Ranked 81st among US dealer groups in the US, Oregon-based Tonkin had 2007 sales of almost 23,000 new, used and fleet cars and trucks worth $466 million. - 31-Jan-2009

Production Electric-drive Motorcycles
As with cars, electricity is playing an increasingly large part in two-wheeled transport/ - 31-Jan-2009

What About Volt's Cold Weather Performance?
Charging battery overnight will keep pack warm in winter, as will gasoline gen set, reports GM. - 31-Jan-2009

Bolivia's Lithium Reserves Hold Promise, But Only On Its Terms
Morales government wants to maintain control over its natural resources after being exploited by foreigners and its own national neighbors. - 31-Jan-2009

Necessary Co-Existence: Smart Grid and Plug-in Cars
FERC Acting-Chairman Jon Wellinghoff wants to see 'cash-back' hybrids; plug-in electric cars that utilities reimburse for storing and sharing power. - 31-Jan-2009

Montana Governor Favors Adopting California Emissions Standard
Montana would join more than a dozen other states with similar legislation passed or pending. - 31-Jan-2009

Automakers Seek to Resurrect Bush Fuel Economy Regs
Meeting that a 35 mpg fleet economy goal by 2020 is expected to cost the industry tens of billions of dollars as it develops new cars and revamps plants. - 31-Jan-2009

China to Test Subsidies for Green Cars
Thirteen cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, will be involved in pilot program aimed at company and government fleets. - 31-Jan-2009

Is the GEM Peapod Gay?
BNET Advertising blogger Jim Edwards seems to think so as he dishes Chrysler's newest neighborhood electric car design, calling it a failure before it launches. - 31-Jan-2009

Batteries Drive Everything
f you commandeered all the lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity in the world, you would be able to make about 1 million plug-in cars a year. - 01-Feb-2009