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Frisky Karma
The Fisker Karma's lithium-manganese batteries are supplied by Vancouver-based Advanced Lithium Power. - 29-Jan-2009

Ford-Magna Electric Car Could Arrive in India After 2011
The biggest challenge for Magna would lie in the areas of sourcing and costing, which makes India an attractive sourcing point. - 29-Jan-2009

Ford Hybrid Owners Will Qualify for $3400 Tax Credit
Purchases or orders of new Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids made by March 31 will qualify for a $3,400 credit on their 2009 tax returns. - 30-Jan-2009

GM's Denise Gray Gives Glimpse of Its Battery Future
Gray discussed the electrification of the automobile and its impact on engineering in the 21st century. - 30-Jan-2009

Panasonic-Sanyo Combine Delayed for US Anti-Trust Evaluation
The U.S. Department of Justice requires submission of documents before a large-scale merger or before a company turns into a subsidiary. - 30-Jan-2009

Fisher Coachworks Raises Cash for Lightweight Hybrid Buses
The lightweight bus was developed over the last seven years by Autokinetics of Rochester Hills, Michigan. - 30-Jan-2009

Senate Finance Committee Proposes $10,000 Electric Car Tax Credit
Low-speed and three-wheeled electric vehicles also would be allowed a maximum of $4,000 in federal tax credits. - 30-Jan-2009

Tesla Reverses Plan for San Jose Plant
Electric car builder now looking for brown fields sites elsewhere in California after failing to secure $100 in venture capital funding. - 30-Jan-2009

Chrysler's Jim Press Offers New Insight into Electric Car Plans
Company considering battery exchange concept as part of charging infrastructure. - 30-Jan-2009

Solar-Powered Cars Still a Ways Ahead
Solar Electric Vehicles sells its version of a plug-in Prius, with a solar panel installed, for $25,000. - 30-Jan-2009