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Hybrids to Highlight 2009 NAIAS
Honda, Ford and Toyota introduce new hybrids, while nine other car companies skip the Detroit Auto Show. - 06-Jan-2009

Ford, Denver and Chongqing Collaborate on EV, HEV Projects
Changan Ford launched China's first domestic hybrid sedan, the Jiexun-HEV, in 2007. - 06-Jan-2009

BMW Beats Competition to Market with Mini E Experiment
Applicants, who will pay $850 a month for the zero-emissions car for one year, are outnumbering the models available by 4-to-1, according to the Munich-based carmaker. - 06-Jan-2009

The Race Is On to Bring Electric Cars to the Market
Longer term, green cars may be necessary lineups for carmakers because of regulations aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. - 06-Jan-2009

Time Right for Electric Car 'Boom'
The Electric Vehicle Technology Road Map task force believes that up to 15 per cent of new cars on the road could be plug-in vehicles within the next decade. - 06-Jan-2009

More Cities Give Hybrid Car Owners Parking Perks
Wendy Koch recounts numerous perks being extended to hybrid car owners. - 06-Jan-2009

Canadian Driver Tests 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Although the Fusion Hybrid isn't a plug-in, it does recapture 94 percent of the energy lost to braking. - 06-Jan-2009

Ford To Announce Electric Vehicle Programs at Detroit Auto Show
Ford reportedly won't show specific vehicle, but will spell out plans for future EV programs. - 06-Jan-2009

Chrysler Working on Dodge EV Follow-on Concept Car
Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler will display at least three vehicles at the upcoming event, one of which is expected to be a new all-electric sports coupe with traditional Dodge styling cues and possibly a four-passenger body. - 06-Jan-2009

Clean Energy Shares Take Pounding in 2008, But Recover
Clean energy shares take a 61% battering in 2008 - with solar and biofuels the worst hit sectors. - 07-Jan-2009