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Startups Charge into Electric Car Market
High-end vehicles may have trouble competing with major automakers - 29-Jan-2009

Senate Proposal Would Boost 'Plug-in' Car Incentives
The proposal to make up to 500,000 vehicles eligible for a credit -- mainly ranging from $2,500 to $7,500. - 29-Jan-2009

Better Place, Dong Energy Plan Danish Electric Car Network
Better Place has procured 135 million dollars in private funding for the Denmark project. - 29-Jan-2009

GM Reveals Vauxhall Electric Car
March debut for the European version of Volt extended-range electric vehicle, which could be built in Britain. - 29-Jan-2009

Survey Finds Luxury Buyers Ready for Electric Cars
Bain and Co. global survey of 4,000 people finds demand is highest among people who already own luxury cars and see EVs as second vehicle. - 29-Jan-2009

British Gov't Offers Carmakers $3.2 Billion
The British plan would provide mainly loan guarantees and worker training for country's largely foreign-owned. - 29-Jan-2009

Is Apollo Program for US Energy a Recipe for Waste?
Professor of Economics Peter Z. Grossman writes that alternative energy programs that mandate man-on-the-moon timetables for not-yet-commercially viable technologies are a waste of money. - 29-Jan-2009

Texas Would Offer $5K Tax Incentive for Plug-in Hybrid Buyers
Gov. Perry is proposing a $5,000 tax credit for Texans who buy plug-in hybrids if they live in 'non-attainment' zones for air quality standards. - 29-Jan-2009

Carmakers See California Emissions Standards Too Strict
David E. Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, believes that California emission regulations would kill the auto industry. - 29-Jan-2009

The Hidden Costs of Clean Electric Cars
In addition to needing power provided by a fossil-fuel-burning power plant, electric cars require large batteries. - 29-Jan-2009